Throw me 20 Scarabs and I'll give you a Cheat Token!
—Creature in Well

Cheat Tokens are yellow, giant coin-like tokens, that can be bought from well hidden Scarab Wells scattered throughout Dinosaur Planet, excluding the places floating in space: DarkIce Mines, CloudRunner Fortress, Walled City and Dragon Rock, in "Star Fox Adventures".

Locations and rewards


A rewarded Cheat Token.

There is a total of eight Wells and each Token costs 20 Scarabs. To be of any use, they must be taken to the well in the middle of the Game Well Maze under the Warp Stone. Please see Scarab Wells for more info. Cheat Token rewards range from pieces of text to some actually pretty funny things, though none of them is actually useful gameplay-wise, nor are any of them required to complete the game.

  • Location: ThornTail Store's main hall
  • Reward: Staff Credits available in options menu
  • Requirement(s): Only the 20 Scarabs

  • Location: In a cave in the first part of Ice Mountain
  • Reward: Music Test in audio menu
  • Requirement(s): Bomb Spore, Fire Blaster

  • Location: In the end of a river in SnowHorn Wastes
  • Reward: Message about an enemy
  • Requirement(s): SharpClaw Prison Key
His Life-Force is strong. His existence is like a virus. I can hear his breath in every corner of space. He will not only use the evil hearts of others. But he can also corrupt those that are good.
—Token Message
  • Most probably a reference to Andross, the main antagonist of the Star Fox series and his ability to control the minds of others. Also foreshadows his role in General Scales' conquest, and also implies that he planned to corrupt Krystal.

  • Location: In the end of Moon Mountain Pass
  • Reward: Dino language setting in options menu, or message about destiny
  • Requirement(s): MoonSeed, Flame Command
You are meant to be together. It was your destiny. Together as one, you will bring peace.
—Token Message
  • This is probably a reference to Fox and Krystal coming together at the end of the game, and their future adventures together, keeping peace in the Lylat system.
    • Some versions of the game contain this message, while other versions have the Dinosaur language option. It is not simply a PAL / NTSC difference, as there were PAL versions of the game which had this message, and there were also PAL versions of the game with the Dinosaur language option included instead.

  • Location: Chase baby LightFoots from underground in LightFoot Village
  • Reward: Message about a friend
  • Requirement(s): LightFoot Tribe membership
A friend who has left, still cares about you. The bond of your friendship still remains. He will soon appear before you. And you should accept him with all your heart.
—Token Message
  • A clear reference to Fox's dear friend Falco Lombardi, who had temporarily left the team for a solo career but eventually returned to help Fox when he needed him.

  • Location: Shoot a rock wall with a cannon in Cape Claw
  • Reward: Sepia mode (black and white screen) setting in options menu
  • Requirement(s): Portal Device

  • Location: Grow a Moonseed right outside Volcano Force Point Temple
  • Reward: Encouragement message
  • Requirement(s): Third SpellStone, Moonseed, Flame Command
I can see you have matured into a strong leader. I am always there with you. Never give up... Trust your instincts... My son...
—Token Message
  • An obvious reference to Fox's father James McCloud, even using his motto.

  • Location: After the electric floor in Ocean Force Point Temple
  • Reward: Message warning about a sorrow
  • Requirement(s): Fourth SpellStone, Portal Device
There is sorrow ahead. A close friend does not have much time left. It will be hard to accept but you will grow.
—Token Message
  • This one is under a lot of speculation. Common beliefs include:
    • Peppy Hare (because he is becoming old, or even is clairvoyant of his sacrifice in the sequel game, Star Fox: Assault)
      • Prince Tricky (because he and Fox part ways at the end of Adventures).
        • Another belief is that this message refers to Rare and Nintendo parting company.



  • The Warp Stone is portrayed on the Cheat Tokens. This makes sense, since the place where they have to be taken (the Game Well Maze) is located underneath him.
  • There are five stars on the tokens, which coincides with the number of messages that will appear when delivering each Token into the Maze well.
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