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Hold A to charge your laser!
Slippy Toad

The Charge function, available in Arwings, Wolfens and Landmasters, allows the pilot to charge up his/her Laser to provide a devastating charged shot. The charge also receives targeting data from the Targeting Computer, allowing a charged shot to lock-on, and home to its target.


SF64 Area6 Andross Fools

An Arwing's charged laser bolt.

Excluding Star Fox Command, the Charge works similarly in every vehicle. A player must hold the A Button to begin charging, and when a targeting reticule appears, the Charge is ready to be launched by releasing the A Button, then pressing it again. The feature was absent during Star Fox Adventures when Slippy Toad stripped the function away, however, after Team Star Fox were handsomely paid for their service on Sauria the Arwings were equipped with charge functions. The Blasters during the Aparoid Invasion could perform a charge shot, helpful for dispatching any targets that the standard shots could not penetrate. Slippy and Peppy can charge their blaster shots quickly in the multiplayer mode, to compensate for their low running speed.

Star Fox Command

In Star Fox Command, locking-on can be initiated with any button on Nintendo DS, of course excluding the Power, Start and Select -buttons. The personal craft of each character has its own Laser and lock-on features. Some personal crafts have no lock-on feature available at all. These are Bullfrog (Slippy Toad), Black Rose (Panther Caroso) and the Cornerian Fighters of Bill Grey and Krystal.

Single Lock

Crafts with Single Lock can only lock-on to one target at a time. Personal crafts with this lock-on feature: Arwing II (Fox McCloud), Cloud Runner (Krystal), Sky Bunny (Lucy Hare), Cat's Paw II (Katt Monroe), Monkey Arrow (Dash Bowman) and the Arwings of Peppy Hare and James McCloud. The Single Lock is the traditional locking-on system, and it behaves just like in previous games. A player must hold a button down to charge and release to shoot.

Multi Lock

With Multi Lock, a craft can target up to five targets at once. Personal crafts with this lock-on feature: Sky Claw (Falco Lombardi), Tadpole (Amanda) and Red Fang (Wolf O'Donnell). The Multi Lock is similar to Single Lock, but it damages up to five targets upon shooting.

Wide Lock

Wide Lock enables a craft to lock-on to every visible target. The only personal craft with this lock-on feature is Rainbow Delta (Leon Powalski). The Wide Lock is very simple to use. A player merely has to hold down a button and the Targeting Computer takes care of both targeting every possible target and shooting them.

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