Cape Claw is a peninsula with beaches, waterfalls and Krazoa ruins on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. Fox McCloud visits this land during his expedition to save the world from falling apart. It is only accessible through the LightFoot Village after completing the Moon Mountain Pass and after delivering its Krazoa Spirit to the Krazoa Palace.


There are four buried gold bars which Fox McCloud has to find for the HighTop who hid them when he heard the SharpClaw were coming, but has forgotten where he hid them. Fox has to utilize the Tricky's Find Command. Here Fox also saves the Queen CloudRunner who happens to be the SpellStone GateKeeper of CloudRunner Fortress. After Fox's brief explanation of why he needs the SpellStones, the Queen agrees to help and opens the Gateway to the CloudRunner Fortress.

Here Fox may also find a Staff Energy Meter upgrade and a well, which sold him one of the eight Cheat Tokens.


  • When you first enter Cape Claw, keep going down the hill and to the left. Once at the bottom on the curve, hit the tallest tree with the thickest trunk. A DumbleDang Pod will fall in the water directly below it. Jump down into the water and collect it.
  • The Token Well is hidden near the bridge near the hill. Aim the cannon towards the lower wall to the right of the bridge to gain access to it. While you're at it, aim the cannon towards the large rock on the beach. The final Staff meter upgrade will be found there.


Plight of Sauria

Aparoid Invasion


  • It is not possible to enter Cape Claw without having gotten the medium Scarab Bag from the Warp Stone, as 60 Scarabs are required to be paid into the mysterious Scarab Toll.
  • The second verse of the music theme of Cape Claw is similar to that of the jazzy "Fox and Krystal" theme, played when Fox and Krystal share screen time.