A Cannon Car is a standard mechanised security car attachment, manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth and utilised by the Forever Train during the Lylat Wars.


Cannon Cars are swivel-turning, streamlined box shaped elevated turrets with three inner barrels to launch their bombs at the Landmaster.

Enemy Recon

The Cannon Car is a standard security car attached to all supply trains on Macbeth. This defensive unit is armed with a bomb and a missile weapons system reinforced with heavy armor plating. If you fire enough shots you'll destroy it, but you'll earn more points if you spend your time blasting the smaller targets on both sides of the track.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 77

Cannon Car Carnage

The train rises on an elevated track, giving the Cannon Car an unobstructed view of everything around your Landmaster. Since it's easy for you to dodge the cannonballs with a barrel roll, the Cannon Car will shoot the boulders above the canon wall, causing them to rain down on you. Don't waste your time trading shots with the Cannon Car; instead, increase your score by blasting the rocks in the canyon. You'll get even later in the stage.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 79

Medal Tips

At the beginning of this mission, try to knock out as many of the train's cars as possible. You'll also want to take out the elevated guns as they will sometimes yield bombs. The big payoff in terms of hit points comes from shooting the eight switches at the end of the mission. Successfully hitting all of these targets will cause the train to take an incomplete side spur, which will net you 50 bonus points when it derails. The sixth switch is the most commonly overlooked, since it is hidden behind a gate.
—Star Fox


During the Lylat Wars, the supply train that the Star Fox team followed carried at least three Cannon Cars on its track. The Cars attempted to shoot down the Landmaster with their bomb launchers, or blasted the nearby walls to shower a rain of rocks down on Fox McCloud to no avail. At least one was abandoned by the train by being detached, due to the train being unable to avoid the Star Fox team otherwise. Even with support from Tripods, Bandits and Granga Fighters, the Cannon Cars were destroyed and their destructions added to the Star Fox team's service invoice.