Enemy Recon:
Andross has dropped hundreds of these nasty robotic fighters in this sector. A hunter program activates them automatically when it detects hostile ships-namely yours. They're not very powerful individually, but they can be very destructive in large numbers.
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Canines were a series of next-generation robotic starfighter developed in the weapons labs on Macbeth and utilised by the forces of Andross, during the Lylat Wars.


While not powerful individually, and their maneuverability involves flying in a single line and at the enemy, meaning significantly less average maneuverability than their cousins, the Viper and Borzoi Fighters, the Canines do nonetheless possess a significant threat when in large numbers. They also possessed a hunter program which results in their activation automatically as soon as it detects hostile ships. They are often seen backing up the SX Lasers in two or more squadrons.

In the games

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Medal Tips:At the beginning of the mission, you'll encounter waves of enemy fighters. Save up bombs for this mission and let em have it. After the Checkpoint, the course will fork to the left and right. Take the right path since there are more enemies that way. Later in the mission, you'll have to make your bombs count. Lock on to an enemy and wait until he approaches a squadron of others so you can blast them all with the bomb.
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The Venom Army left hundreds of these fighters to guard the Sector X secret Research base with backup from Borzoi and Viper star fighters. However, they failed to prevent its destruction at the hands of Spyborg, or the Star Fox Team's intrusion. A large squadron of Canine fighters gave chase to Peppy Hare when attacking the base from the right outside.

Canines reappear in Star Fox Zero under the name: Bionics I.



  • The term "Canine" is another term for dogs and related animals which normally make up the majority of Cornerian forces, which ironically are the traditional enemies of the Venomians.