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Caiman is an Androssian lieutenant who appears as one of two overseers of the Area 6 fleets in "Star Fox 64", and who plays a larger role in "Zero".


Like several other Venomians, Caiman appeared to be a lizard, but hence his name he was specifically a Caiman, a small type of crocodilian. He wore a helmet, with the insignia of Andross on the front. His eyes are oval-shaped.


Caiman was generally relaxed at first, until the ambush of Star Fox made him jumpy in tone. He exclaims every report with intense shock at how the fleets were unable to hold Star Fox back.


As one of the most powerful and intelligent of Andross's followers who had been promoted to positions of leadership in Andross's military machine, Caiman was a high-ranking officer in Venom Army, given a commanding position of the Venomian fleet that protected the Area 6 Defense Zone, answering to a horn helmeted superior Commanding officer.

In the games

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He was originally a member of an unnamed Venomian squadron of Viper fighters on patrol around Area 6 before one of his comrades was shot down by Falco Lombardi, prompting him to declare emergency maneuvers. He later regroups with his commanding superior, informing him whenever Star Fox broke through a line of the Venomian defense. Because Star Fox were a small quick group backed up by the Great Fox's power laser cannons, Caiman was not able to prevent their flight path until the commander ordered the deployment of the Gorgon space station.

It is unknown what became of Caiman because he did not report on the Communications Channel after wailing that the last line was breached. If he survived the battle and remained loyal to Andross, he may have been involved in Andrew Oikonny's rebellion.


Caiman returns in "Zero", where he is present in more than one mission. During the second phase on Corneria when attacking General Pepper's tower, Caiman orders a retreat after 10 ships are shot down. Caiman also protests Pigma's calling a retreat citing that this wasn't part of the deal, and is himself forced to order a retreat both due to this as well as 30 of his ships being shot down at Area 3. Finally, he later commands the Aquarosa at Corneria, thinking he has Fox beat. After Fox destroyed his vessel, he expressed disbelief that Fox could beat him aquatically as well, before lamenting that he'll never live this action down. Fox, while flying away, then replies that Caiman's got that right just as the Aquarosa blows up and sinks to the bottom of the sea, presumably killing Caiman.


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