Cacti are prominent near Goras.

Cacti are spiny, throng plants that are native to the "Red Planet" of Titania that appear in Star Fox 64 and it's 3DS rerelease.


The Cacti are about the only lifeforms that now thrive on the planet, after an asteroid struck the planet nearly two million years ago, destroying everything including the lush green vegitation that farming communities once harvested to appease the fearsome Goras.


Cacti are very tall, spiny plants that are widespread all over the arid desert. Cacti are not worth any HIT points, nor are they damaging, but they do keep Supply Rings hidden inside them. The Cacti are especially prominent near the nest of Goras.

Enemy Recon

Spiny cacti dot Titania's sweltering sandscape, but they pose not threat to your armored Landmaster. If you shoot them or plow through them, you can reap the fruits of your harvey by claiming the bonus rings that sometimes sprout in their place.
—Offical Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 51

Other appearances

In the Star Fox: Farewell, Beloved Falco manga, Cacti appeared during Slippy's bad memeoreis of being nearly eaten by Goras.



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