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{{Ship infobox
|image = [[File:Bull Frog.jpg]]
|name = ''Bullfrog''
|manufacturer = [[Space Dynamics]]?
|height =
|width =
|depth =
|max speed =
|engine =
|power = [[Gravity Diffusion]]
|shield gen = [[Gravity Diffusion]]
|hull =
|sensor =
|target =
|navigation =
|avionics =
|countermeasures =
|armament = Plasma [[Laser]]<br>Three [[Smart Bomb]]s
|complement =
|crew = 1 pilot
|capacity =
|othersystems =
|role = Slippy's Ship
|affiliation = [[Star Fox (team)|Star Fox]]
|appearances = ''[[Star Fox Command]]''<br>''[[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]''<br>(as a sticker)
The '''Bullfrog''' (ブルフロッグ) is a modified version of the [[Arwing]], and [[Slippy Toad|Slippy Toad's]] [[:Category:Personal craft|personal starfighter]]. It is equipped with a Plasma Laser, three [[Smart Bomb]]s and a two second time bonus, but it is slower and bulkier than other starfighters. It also has no lock on-capabilities. However, its heavy shields make up for its lack of speed and maneuverability. Therefore, it is very likely that the Bullfrog's role is that of a bomber.
=='''Star Fox Command stats'''==
[[File:Bullfrog.jpg|thumb|left|The Super Smash Bros. Brawl sticker of the Bullfrog. ]]
!colspan="2"|<u>Bullfrog stats</u>
|'''''Laser: '''''
|'''''Lock: '''''
|'''''Smart Bombs: '''''
|style="text-align:left"|● ● ●
|'''''Shields: '''''
|style="text-align:left"|● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
|'''''Boost: '''''
|style="text-align:left"|● ●
|'''''Time Bonus: '''''
|style="text-align:left"|● ●
Bullfrog.png|The Bullfrog's specifications in the Pilot gallery.
*The Bullfrog bears the same traits as Slippy from the ''[[Star Fox: Assault]]'' multiplayer, they both have high health but a very low top speed. Ironically, Slippy has the second fastest laser charge speed in that game, but the Bullfrog cannot charge its own laser.
*The Bullfrog appears as a Sticker in ''Super Smash Bros. Brawl''. It allows the chosen character to carry a Bob-omb at the start of a Subspace Emmisary level.
[[Category:Personal craft]]
[[Category:Personal craft]]

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