Enemy Recon:
Whereas Canines tend to form a single line and fly straight at you, these next-generation robotic fighters have a much more sophisticated attack program. Alone or in a group, Borzoi Fighters fly around at a high speed, pausing for only a second to fire before it speeds off again.
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Borzoi Fighters were next-generation robotic starfighters created in the weapons labs on Macbeth and dispatched for use by the armies of Andross during the Lylat Wars.


Vaguely resembling spiders, Borzoi fighters had well above average manueverability, having a significantly more sophisticated attack program than their "cousins", the Canines. Unlike the Bolse Fighters, these ships were not quite as fast and lacked the personal generated shields.

In the games

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Medal Tips:
At the beginning of the mission, you'll encounter waves of enemy fighters. Save up bombs for this mission and let em have it. After the Checkpoint, the course will fork to the left and right. Take the right path since there are more enemies that way. Later in the mission, you'll have to make your bombs count. Lock on to an enemy and wait until he approaches a squadron of others so you can blast them all with the bomb.
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Cornerian spies had reported that Andross was developing a star base in Sector X, but remote sensors only detected a huge field of space debris. It is unclear if Andross's base construction project had been destroyed by some kind of accident, or if this was part of his plan. It could also have been a trap. The Borzoi fighters were used in the defense of the secret research base in Sector X, though they were unable to prevent the rampage of Spyborg from destroying the facility or the intrusion of the Star Fox team.

Borzois reappear in Star Fox Zero under the name: Bionics II.