Bomb Spore Plant

A Bomb Spore, planted in a patch.

Bomb Spore Planting Patches
are small, brown patches of dirt, in which Fox McCloud can plant Bomb Spores, in order to grow Bomb Spore Plants.


The patches are usually located next to cracked walls, though some appear on weak floors and next to broken pillars. Destroying a Bomb Spore Plant that has been placed in one of these patches will not yield three spores and will not automatically grow back, unlike the Bomb Spores found growing naturally throughout Dinosaur Planet. MoonSeeds are also planted into similar patches.

P.D.A Scanner Information

PLANTING PATCH - Bomb Spores will grow here


  • Curiously, Bomb Spores can't be planted into patches meant for MoonSeeds and vice versa, despite the patches being almost identical.
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