Bomb Spores are one of the Main Collectibles in "Star Fox Adventures". Fox McCloud can carry a maximum of seven at a time.


They are pink in appearance and bear a strong resemblance to dandelion seeds. When the seeds are floating through the air, they emit a pink glow to highlight their position. Once a Spore touches the ground, they will only have a few seconds before they dissolve beyond any chance of collection.


They can be found inside of steam blowing, dark colored buds -fittingly called Bomb Spore Plants- that have to be detonated with the Fire Blaster-Staff Upgrade in order to reveal the Spores, which float gently to the ground after the explosion. When Fox plants a Bomb Spore in a Planting Patch, a new plant will almost instantly grow in the empty patch. By blowing up the new Bomb Spore Plant, this is used to open up cracked walls or uncover hidden Staff Caverns. The Bomb Plants planted by Fox, unfortunately, produce no Spores. This is probably because of the plant being too young to produce seeds.


  • Although they can also be bought in ThornTail Store for five Scarabs, this is essentially a fools errand, as there are Bomb Spore Plants outside the store which produce spores for free.
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