Aim for the six energy towers!
Peppy Hare

A Bolse Shield Reactor is an energy tower that generates the power needed to provided the protective forcefield on Bolse. Due to the size of this structure, and the magnetic energy generated by its forcefield, it is surrounded by a strong gravitational field. A classified design document obtained from Andross's archives reveals that destroying the six generator pylons will neutralize its forcefield.


The Shield Reactors are spire structure with slotted tops that radiate energy beams towards the Satellite's core. Each Bolse Fighter receives a force field of their own too, provided by the continued shielding of Bolse's Core. To disarm the base's force field, you must destroy the reactors generating its energy. After destroying the laser cannons flanking them, shoot the reactor's top portion to disarm them. Once you've deactivated the shield, prepare for the Bolse fighters to assault you.

Enemy Recon

To power Bolse's force field, shield reactors radiate energy beams to the base. Flying into the energy rays damages your ship, so make the airspace more navigable by blasting off the tops of the six reactors encircling the base. Each disarmed reactor earns you four hit points.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 57

Medal Tips

Destroy all of the energy towers to drop the force field around Bolse's power block. Once down, enemy fighters will pour out of the base. Destroy as many of these as you can before Star Wolf arrives. Once they get there, try to knock them out as quickly as possible, since they will really go after your wingmen. If you defeat them quickly, you can earn up to 10 bonus hit points per Star Wolf team member.
—Star Fox


Six Shield Reactors were stationed on the artificial defence satellite, during the Lylat Wars at the battle of Bolse. Under guidance from Peppy Hare, Fox McCloud shot down and destroyed all six towers, realising his work was successful in disabling the forcefield and exposing the Core.

Bolse is Andross's last bastion of defence that keeps watch over Venom while still keeping its sights aimed at Corneria. Stockpiled with missiles and Venom armies, the artificial planet orbits around Venom, recklessly blasting away any oncoming fleets. Powering the massive space station is Bolse's bionuclear core. While the core generates immeasurable power, its unstable fusion of biomutateed energy and nuclear power turns Bolse into a ticking time bomb. Therefore, six reactor pylons must constantly cool and stabilise the generator, or else Bolse's core will undergo bionuclear meltdown.
—Lylat Datalink; Inside the bulwarks of Bolse, pg 58

In the Comic

The Bolse Shield Reactors appear the Lylat Wars Comic, mirroring the same role from the game. Fox follows Peppy's advice and uses charged blasts, to which results in the reactors being destroyed and the Core is exposed.



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