Bolse Laser Cannons are weapons manufactured and stationed on the artifical defence satellite of Bolse.


To disarm the base's force field, you must destroy the reactors generating its energy. First however, fly low and destroy the laser cannons flanking them. When you zap them, they'll turn into bonus items that will swiftly floats along Bolse's surface, so stay low and fire up your boosters to intercept them. The Laser Cannons usually give up Supply Rings, but you may receive a Shield Ring or a Laser Upgrade depending on the condition of your ship.

Enemy Recon

Bolse's air-space quickly becomes flooded with hyperactive laser fire. The laser cannons compound the assault by spraying their firepower across the surface of Bolse. It's easy to get blasted, but luckily for you, a bonus item appears in place of every destroyed laser cannon.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 57


Twelve Laser Cannons were stationed on Bolse, two to each Shield Reactor.

In the Manga

The Bolse Laser Cannons appear the Star Fox 64 manga, mirroring the same role from the game.