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Blue Orb Aparoids are Aparoids that run on purple rails inside the Homeworld Core, appearing in the 10th and final Mission of "Assault".


Even by hitting the brakes, titling the Arwing and slipping by the purple railways, Blue Orb Aparoids pose no real threat and act less like hostile enemies and more like irritating obstacles. Quick, continuous lasers will eliminate the Orbs when moving slowing and trigger hitting the attack button.

In the game

Mission 10: Homeworld Core

After passing Slippy's S.O.S point and Supply ring drop, Blue Orbs will start making their rail run across the corridor. It is here where Fox tries to warn Wolf to watch out for their attacks, only for his kindness to be rejected, also when Panther tries to ask Krystal on a date, only for her to remind him of the stakes involved in this final Mission.


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