The Blue-Marine has only been featured in Star Fox 64 and the 3DS version.

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Star Fox 64 Aquas Fish

In Star Fox 64, the Blue-Marine is only used on Aquas, and is not available outside of the single player mode. Gameplay is more noticeable slower during the Blue-Marine's mission than the others. When rolling, the Blue-Marine generates that same kind of protective force field that the Arwing does. The shield helps protect the sub from laser fire but not from solid objects. The Blue-Marine also has an unlimited supply of homing torpedoes. If things get crowded in the deep, press A, B and R continuously. Even the most experienced of all pilots have a difficult and hard time controlling this temperamental craft in the oceans of diverse environments. The Blue-Marine is also unable to fire charged shots.

Medal Tips

Shoot, fire torpedoes and barrel roll simultaneously for best results in the seas of Aquas. To make sure you destroy as many enemies as possible, use the brake to hold back and get them all! The underwater canyon just before the final lieutenant is a particularly target rich environment full of shrimp mutants and starfish. Be sure to destroy the huge barnacles on top of Bacoon's shell as these are worth 12 hit points.
—Star Fox


Fire Light Bomb Torpedoes to light your way through the murky depths of Aquas.
—Star Fox

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The Blue-Marine's status can now be viewed on the lower screen, being the laser power type.

64 3D website description

Need to maneuver beneath the seas? The Blue-Marine should do the trick. Any expert Arwing pilot should feel right at home controls are very similar. Instead of a blaster, the Blue-Marine launches destructive torpedoes.
—Star Fox 64

  • The Cosmic Dolphin in F-Zero GX resembles the shape of the Blue-Marine. It was one of the nine hidden machines that can be unlocked in all chapters in a Very Hard difficulty, expect for Spade's Magical Seagull for completing Story Mode in a Hard difficulty.


The Blue-Marine appears as a DLC submarine in Steel Diver: SubWars for Nintendo 3DS. 

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