Bloops, as they are named by Slippy Toad, is a species of strange, obscure, gargoyle-like creatures, native to Dinosaur Planet. They are among the most widespread races on the planet, tying with the SharpClaw Tribe and various burrowing menaces, from ThornTail Hollow, to Moon Mountain Pass, the Volcano Force Point Temple and some were even found inside a Krazoa Shrine.


The appearance of the Bloop is somewhat like that of the real world Bat species, but with a demonic, hell beast like gargoyle look, making them one of the few non dinosaur races living on Dinosaur Planet.

Flying Creatures


Flying reptiles that attempt to claw at Fox's head from above
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 16


Claw attack
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 16


As they swoop in overhead, be quick with your Staff to hit them before they reach you. One hit suffices against these winged weaklings.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 16

Lifestyle and Habits

Bloop Adventures

A Bloop in ThornTail Hollow.

The Bloop Tribe is one of the most undocumented tribes on Dinosaur Planet, due to their airborne lifestyle combined with their aggressive, even harmful nature, which makes them difficult to study.

Although they do not seem to be capable of speech, the Bloop tribe are noted for producing a screeching, sadistic cackle as they pester Fox McCloud and the ThornTail Tribe and this can be useful as an early warning if heard. Bloop tend to hover around an area, searching for targets to swoop down and annoy by pecking with talons on their hands and feet. Krystal's Staff can dispose of them in any way, the easiest way is by the Fire Blaster.


At one stage, countless Bloops flew out from within the depths of the Ancient Well, flocking together to pick on the peaceful, defenseless ThornTails, until Fox McCloud arrived to dispatch them all.



  • The Drakor Battle music plays when the Bloops attack the ThornTail tribe.
  • They are named only as "Flying Creatures" in the Prima Strategy Guide.


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