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SFC Bioweapons

Possible bioweapons the guard the device.

SF64 Aquas Intro

Aquas's Intro.

A Bioweapon is a living organism altered via artificial means (either by cybernetic enhancement, genetic engineering or some combination of the two) to serve as a weapon of war. Andross created and utilized several of these during the Lylat Wars.

List of Bioweapons


  • Goras: Recreated from the remains of a prehistoric beast.
  • Bacoon: While it was stated to be a bioweapon by Fox and the rest of the Star Fox team, the Star Fox 64 player's guide implies that Bacoon has actually existed several centuries before Andross was even born, and that it was the one responsible for wiping out the civilization on Aquas and turning it into a pure ocean world.
  • Gorgon: It is not stated to be a bioweapon anywhere, but its movements appear rather organic, which could indicate that it is a cybernetic construct similar to Mechbeth. The Area 6 Commander's remarks also hint at Gorgon being highly uncontrollable (as it was deployed only as a last resort) which could suggest that Andross's scientists have great difficulties controlling it, if indeed it is a bioweapon.
  • Plasma Hydra: It is uncertain if it is a machine or a living creature, but its Japanese title dubs it a mechanical organism.
  • Mechbeth: Appears to be mostly if not completely mechanical.

Names in Other Languages

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Japanese (バイオウェポン)
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