Bill Grey appears in a few of the Star Fox games as a supporting or playable character.

Star Fox 64 logo
SF64 Katina Bill Ours

Bill's disappointment in losing one of his ships from Fox's doing.

Bill grey 64

Bill's old style Communications Channel icon in Star Fox 64.

At Katina, Bill will warn Fox of the approaching Saucerer mother ship after 10 hits are made, and will always express disappointment whenever one of his comrades are shot down, but if Fox shoots down 10 Hits and misses the Cornerian Fighters, Bill will complement Fox that he's become quite a pilot since the academy. When the Saucerer does arrive, Bill will radio in when the four hatches on the ship are open and start counting down the time till the Core begins to discharge it's weapon. If the player flies close to him on Katina he will say, "Just like old times, eh, Fox?" meaning they would have flown together before - probably in the academy. If Bill is shot down by the player, he will still give his regular transmissions.

Whatever route is taken afterwards, Bill will be keen to appear and help out to return the favor, but if the route taken to the chosen route did not include Katina, Bill won't know where Fox had gone to, so he won't appear at all. 

  • Bill will appear at Solar to drop Laser Upgrade supplies and give cover fire against the Lava Bombs and Gores, before flying off and telling Fox to watch himself. 
  • When taking the left path at the fork at Sector X after rescuing Peppy from tailing fighters, Bill will help open the warp point gates, making it easier if the route to Sector Z or gaining the Medal is desired. Bill will tell Fox to take it easy and not let the Cornerian Air Force down before leaving.

Note: The key to knowing when Bill appears is when a distinctive fanfare tune plays, during the battles on Solar and Sector X. The theme returned in a new styled leitmotif when controlling Bill's Cornerian Fighter in Star Fox Command.

Strategy Guide descriptions

Cornerian Air Force

Bill, Fox's best friend from the Academy, is a squadron commander in the Cornerian Air Force. You'll meet up with him on Katina, at Solar and in Sector Y.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's guide, pg 8

Enemy Recon

Bill Grey, is a squadron leader at Katina's Frontline Base. Bill and Fox go way back; in fact, they studied together at the Corneria Flight Academy. If you assist Bill and save Katina's base, it's a sure bet that he will find a way to repay the favour later on.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's guide, pg 67


When Bill says "The Hatches are open!" that's your cue to attack the hatches on the underside of the mother ship. Destroy the mother ship to continue on to Solar.
—Star Fox

Star Fox Command
Bill Grey

Bill's pilot biography.

Bill appears in Star Fox Command within the following missions, piloting a unique Cornerian Fighter. The distinctive fanfare from Star Fox 64 returned in a new styled leitmotif when controlling Bill's Cornerian Fighter in missions.

Falco to the Fore!

While on planet Katina, Falco manages to locate R.O.B. and decides to take on the invading Anglar forces by himself. Nevertheless, he receives back-up from Bill Grey, and together the two of them crush the invaders.

Hold Firm, Katina

Falco and Slippy arrive on Katina as it comes under attack. They receive a message from Bill Grey, asking for their assistance. Together, they defeat the Anglar attackers. After the fighting, Bill tells Falco and Slippy that Krystal has changed drastically after her break-up with Fox, and that she started dating Panther (implied). R.O.B. then receives a transmission from Fox telling them to meet up with him on Titania.

  • Bill's Cornerian Army starfighter in Star Fox 64 3D uses the same model as the one from Star Fox Command, making his fighter stand out more.

Star Fox 64 3D logo

Bill's ally role in the 3DS version of Star Fox 64 is essentially the same as before with some excetions such as his Cornerian Army starfighter using a similar model as the one from Star Fox Command, making his fighter stand out more from the others. Should Fox continually hit Bill, he will respond by questioning if Fox is in need of glasses.

SFZ Bill-Grey

Bill makes a return in Star Fox Zero, playing the same role as he did in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D. He appears during Sector Beta, where he aids the Star Fox Team in taking down the Androssian ships.

Bill returns as the commander of the Husky and Bulldog squadrons and fights alongside Star Fox in Sector β, where they, alongside General Pepper and his forces, combat the Granby and its retinue, led by the Area 6 Commander. Bill focuses primarily on taking out Venomian fighters while Fox destroys the cruisers and finds an opening in the Granby's energy shield. After doing so, and following the dreadnought tactical destroyer's decimation thanks to Pepper's flagship, Bill expresses his thanks. Katt Monroe then arrives to deliver a medal to Fox as gratitude for her earlier rescue from Zoness, though not long after, Pigma, Leon, and Andrew of Star Wolf arrive on the scene, with Wolf following after a few minutes into the firefight. Remaining fighters render Bill unable to assist Star Fox against their rivals, though he does help to keep their numbers under control. Following Star Wolf's defeat, it is assumed that Bill, along with the other forces under General Pepper, stayed behind to clean up any remaining Venomian stragglers.

As in Star Fox 64/3D, Bill, this time along with Katt, accompanies Star Fox back to Corneria after the defeat of Andross.

Strategy Guide description

Fox's old academy classmate has many support jobs within the Cornerian fleet.
—Star Fox Zero; Prima Game Strategy Guide, pg 10


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