The characteristics of Bill, including physical appearance and voice acting.

Physical Apperance

SF64 Katina Bill Ours

Bill expresses disappointment when one of his soldiers is shot down.

  • Bill is a Dog Soldier like most other members in the Cornerian military. He could resemble a few different breeds of dog, including a Labrador, a terrier, or a bulldog; however, most choose to label him as a bulldog. Bill is most likely an Old English Bulldog or an American Bulldog due to his longer muzzle and his slimmer body than an English or French Bulldog.
  • Bill's fur color changed between his two appearances in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Command. In the former, he actually was a shade of grey, befitting his name. In the latter, he was a light brown. He wears a Green Ace Army Commander Helmet on his head because he's a Commander of his own team. Bill's eye colour went unseen until the character redesign in Star Fox Command as they were hidden behind his helmet, they are now green.


Language Game Voice actor
English Star Fox 64 Jock Blaney
English Star Fox 64 3D / Star Fox Zero Jaz Adams
Japan Star Fox 64 Daisuke Sakaguchi
Japan Star Fox 64 3D, Star Fox Zero Atsushi Abe
  • He speaks only Lylat Language in Star Fox Command like the other characters. Also, for unknown reasons, his voice (or more accurately, the text transcription representing his voice) was changed from a surfer accent to a southern accent (although he retains the surfer accent in Star Fox 64 3D).


  • Since many elements from Star Fox 2 were carried over to Star Fox 64, it's largely speculated that Bill was created as an equivalent or a replacement for Fay.