Attention, fleet of Corneria. We in command have done all we can. From here on out, we're entrusting everything to you. So, please. Do your best... But try to come back alive.
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Commissioner Beltino Toad is the Director of Engineering at Space Dynamics, as well as the Research Director for the Cornerian Defense Force and also the father of Slippy Toad, and brother of Grippy Toad.


Early Life

Beltino originally worked for Space Dynamics Co., Ltd. as the Head Director of Engineering, working closely with the president, Yaru de Pon. Together, father and son developed a prototype submersible known as the Blue-Marine. They also worked together to create the Landmaster. Slippy specialized in engineering at the Cornerian Academy, and learned a lot from his father.

Aparoid Invasion

Later on in life, Beltino met with the Star Fox team after they recovered the first aparoid Core memory, revealing that he was now the Cornerian Defense Force's research director, which Slippy did not even know. After telling a terrible tale involving a single Winged Aparoid's massacre of an entire Cornerian fleet seventeen years ago, Beltino assures the team that his federation scientists are studying the collected Core memory, but that they could understand more if they had a complete, undamaged specimen.

After the Star Fox team recovered a stolen Core memory from Pigma Dengar, the core was sent to the research labs while the team were dealing with Aparoid invaders on Sauria. Beltino and his team of scientists then created the Self-Destruct program that involved Apoptosis to deliver a fatal blow to the invading Aparoid aliens. With General Pepper taken into medical care, Beltino appeared to have taken over command of the Cornerian Military and devised a strategic idea to invade the newly discovered Aparoid Homeworld and deliver a fatal blow to the progenitor Aparoid Queen. Above the annihilated Corneria, on the Orbital Gate, the Star Fox Team held off the attacking Aparoids and Aparoid Missile waves, while working finished on the program. Beltino then created a warp gate for the remaining Cornerian fleet to target the Aparoid Homeworld, with the Great Fox as their flagship. Knowing that his son was among the fleet, Beltino entrusted everything to them before he pleaded that they do their best but try to come back alive. The Orbital Gate was then renamed the Beltino Orbital Gate, commemorating his hard work.

Anglar Blitz

Beltino was again active during the events of the Anglar attacks on the Lylat System, this time addressed by Fox as Commissioner Beltino Toad. When arriving at the Asteroid Station, Beltino informed Star Fox that the Anglars were building a base on the floor of the Venom Sea. He also noted that Andross had deployed a new bioweapon on Venom and used it to evolve himself and seize control of localized life-forms, knowing that Andross was fiercely intelligent combined with his lust for power. Before giving the Arwing II an upgrade, Beltino then prompted Fox to bury the hatchet and move on by finding Krystal as his leader role was to bring out the best in his "WHOLE" team.

Two possible outcomes of the game had Slippy settling down and having children, an orange one joining a new Star Fox generation started by Marcus, making them Beltino's grandchildren.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (ベルツィーノ・トード, Berutsīno Tōdo)