Listen carefully. Find a way to the bottom of the mine. I'll meet you there.
—Belina Te

Belina Te is the daughter of the Spellstone GateKeeper of DarkIce Mines Garunda Te in Star Fox Adventures. She, like her father, is a SnowHorn, and able to open the gateway that her father guards into the sacred land. She is most likely the secondary leader of the tribe, after her father.


When Fox McCloud helps Garunda Te, Garunda tells Fox and Tricky that General Scales came to the SnowHorn Wastes and found out that he was a GateKeeper. Scales said that if Garunda did not open the gateway to DarkIce Mines he would destroy the SnowHorns. He refused, but Belina opened the gateway herself to save the tribe. Scales stayed true to his word by sparing the SnowHorns from genocide, but then doublecrossed her and enslaved them all instead.

Fox first meets Belina after finding Tricky after he got lost in a blizzard. Belina asks if her father send them to rescue her, but Fox says that they were only send to get the Spellstone. She becomes angry stating that she had to save the tribe, and he blames her father for being a GateKeeper and if he wasn't nothing would have happened. She then burst through the back of the cell and it caves in behind her. After calming down, she calls back to Fox and tells him to meet her at the bottom of the mine. After Fox meets up with Belina, she says that Scales hid the SpellStone somewhere close.

After Fox gains the Spellstone, he tells Belina that she must apologize to her father in addition to forgiving him, and that they work together against Scales. Then they say their farewells.


Belina Te's dialogue was performed by S. Blair, who voiced her with a slight Cockney accent.


  • Belina's fate is not specified for the rest of the game, even her role during the Aparoid Invasion is unknown.
  • After finding Belina at the bottom of the mine, talking to her will use the same silent advice from other SnowHorns.


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