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The Beetle Aparoid is a multi-purpose heavy attack craft utilized by the Aparoids


The Beetle Aparoid looks something like a beetle or cockroach, or a mix of the two. It has four appendages, two for steering and two for firing. They are bigger and slower than typical Aparoid Flyers, but carry more weapons(and can be VERY annoying). They are armed with a forward facing laser cannon, that, like typical fighters, is purple in color, The ship is also armed with general purpose missiles. The missiles can only be avoided by somersalting, U-Turns, or barrel-rolling just before it hits you.



Beetle Aparoids comprise a portion of the aerial attack force in the skies of Sauria.

Orbital Gate

Beetles Aparoids can be found nearby the gate, unsuccessfully trying to attack it with missiles.

Aparoid Homeworld

Beetle Aparoids are present in the skies of the Aparoid Homeworld. With the death of the queen, these units perished, along with the rest of their kind.


The Beetle Aparoid's design is inspired by the Galaga enemy from Namco's 1981 arcade game of the same name.


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