Baskets are objects that are similar to crates, but are smaller and come in two varieties. Fox McCloud came across these baskets while on his expedition on Dinosaur Planet.  


Small and Large Baskets are what they're called and as the names imply, there is a smaller version and a bigger version of the object.


The Baskets themselves usually contain Scarabs, but do occasionally contain supplies with healing abilities, such as PukPuk Eggs and Dumbledang Pods.

The smaller ones can either be carried and thrown or hit by Krystal's Staff to break them, while the bigger ones can't be carried and need more hits to be torn apart. 

Baskets, Large and Small



Common containers on Dinosaur Planet, baskets can hold Scarabs or health items (PukPuk Eggs and DumbleDang Pods). Smash the Large Baskets with the Staff, and pick up the small ones and throw them as a weapon or simply bash them against a wall to open them. There is no guarantee that a basket contains an item, although most do.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 8


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