Bandit Fighters are a starfighter manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth, and utilised by Andross's army during the Lylat Wars.


Bandit Fighters are pods equipped with their blasters beneath. They are able to make complete 360 degrees turns under bridges making them very swift, manoeuvrable fighters. Locking onto tight squadrons with charged bolts is a good way to rack up bonus Hit points.

Bandits from behind

As you're heading toward the city, about to enter the narrow valley, several enemy fighters will move in behind you. Use the brake to let the enemies zip overhead. When they're in front of you, blast them.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 28

In the games

Star Fox 64/3D

Bandits were ever present throughout the Lylat Wars, being one of the first starfighters encountered by the Star Fox team at the seas ahead of Corneria City. Squadrons of up to three Bandits patrolled the seas of Zoness around the six Venomian Tankers, where one tailed Fox McCloud after the first tanker was spotted, after being told so by Peppy HareKatt Monroe was tailed by a Bandit until Fox shot it down, prompting her to flirt with him for saving her. More Bandits provided backup for the Forever Train's Cannon Cars on Macbeth, where one tailed Falco Lombardi under a bridge. Bandits were also sighted within certain canyons on Venom.

Training Mode

Bandits appear in the game's Training Mode, where they appear when Yaru de Pon instructs the player about collecting Supply rings.

Star Fox Zero

Bandits reappear in Star Fox Zero, under the name Dragon I.



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