Bafomdads are red, rabbit-like magical creatures, whose powers can restore life.


Krystal picks up a Bafomdad.

They serve as items in "Star Fox Adventures" and return Krystal and Fox McCloud back to life after their life is depleted. There is only a limited amount of them, though still usually enough, all around planet Sauria. They are well hidden, but most of them are buried in the ground and require the use of Tricky's Find Command. Fox can initially hold only one at a time, but after buying the Bafomdad Holder in the ThornTail Store for the default price of 20 Scarabs, he can carry as many as ten at a time. After filling the bag up (or not having bought it at all) Fox will not be able to pick anymore up, leaving the rest in the same spot they were found until he uses one.


  • They function similarly to 1-Ups in other Star Fox games, and Fairies in The Legend Of Zelda series.
  • In Japanese, its name is ライフィー [ɾaiɸii] , likely "Lify" , and the Bafomdad Holder is named ライフィー袋 , literally "Lify Bag" .
  • In Dinosaur Planet they were known as Dusters and would be used by both Sabre and Krystal.
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