Fox, we have received reports that Andross is using bioengineering techniques to mutate the sea creatures of Aquas into deadly bioweapons. However, because of the rapidly spreading pollution in the planet's ocean, we have been unable to determinate exactly what is going on there. We need you to have a plunge and get to the bottom of Andross's schemes on Aquas. I understand that Slippy has designed an experimental battle submersible, the Blue-Marine, that can do the job. You're our only chance on this one, Fox!
—General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 84

Bacoon is one of Andross's bioweapons in the form of a giant clam, and boss of Aquas in Star Fox 64. Once stationed on Aquas, it began polluting the ocean world. The Star Fox Team was sent to investigate this activity. It's implied that Bacoon is the reason as to why Aquas was now a 97% ocean world and why the islands/ancient civilization sunk below the waves.


Bacoon appears as a monstrous clamshell like creature, armed with triple turrets and two muscles that clamp the shell down to protect the centre eye.


The ancient civilisation of Aquas once stood above the waves on a series of islands amidst the global ocean. There, people built great temples and made a living by harvesting sea life from the surrounding waters. But long ago, a monstrous entity known as Bacoon grew in the depths of the ocean, and it was jealous of the glorious civilisation on the land. Over many years, Bacoon grew powerful. It learned how to control the other aquatic lifeforms, like the explosive Starfish. When Bacoon commanded thousands of the Starfish to migrate to the ice cap and explode, the resulting heat melted the polar ice cap and all the islands were covered by the sea forever.
—Lylat Datalink; Mysteries in the Deep pg 86

Thousands of years ago before the Lylat Wars, a great civilisation lived above the waves of Aquas, building beautiful temples and making a living by harvesting sea life. Meanwhile, Bacoon was a monstrous entity living in depths that grew jealous of the glorious civilisation above, learning how to control aquatic lifeforms and sent thousands of explosive Starfish to explode in the ice pas and melt them, drowning the civilisation and sunk the temples forever by the rising tides.

During the Lylat Wars, the Cornerian Army received reports that Andross was polluting the Aquas ocean and turning the sea lifeforms into deadly bioweapons. Because they had nothing to tell what was going on in the depths, General Pepper sent the Star Fox team in Slippy's new Blue-Marine submersible to take out the Bacoon because it was the only vehicle that could get the job done. Using the experimental submersible, Fox battled Bacoon and destroyed it, adding it to the team's service invoice.

In the Comic

General Pepper reports that Andross has infected the seas of Aquas, transforming the sea creatures into dangerous mutants. Instructing the Star Fox Team to stop the pollution, the prototype submarine called the Blue-Marine is deployed to find Bacoon. The Blue-Marine's Torpedos perform very well, before the submarine is attacked by a clinging Octopus. Nevertheless, Bacoon is destroyed in its beta cycle by the Blue-Marine. According to Slippy, the Bacoon that was fought was in its Beta cycle, indicating that the Bacoon has several stages in its life cycle. He also addressed it as: A Bacoon meaning there may have been more than one on the planet.


  • Although the guide claims that Bacoon existed thousands of years ago, well before Andross was born, the official site names it as one of Andross's lieutenants. This may be down to Andross's bioweaponry altering Bacoon and the local sea lifeforms to obey his will.
  • It is widely believed that when Bacoon is defeated, the pollution throughout Aquas goes away. This may well be the case as seen in Star Fox Command where Slippy Toad and Amanda are married on Aquas, where ROB 64 announces them on an island's coast and raise their children.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (バクーン, Bakūn)
Spanish La Bacúns (Third declension, base Bacun-)
Portuguese La Bacuns (Irregular noun, similar to third declension (Base Bacun-), Accusative Singular Bacuem)
Italian La Baccuno (Fourth declension, base Baccun-)
French La Bacoun
Latin Bacūns (Third declension I-stem, base Bacunt-)


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