You'll never defeat Andross!
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The Attack Carrier Captain was a green lizard serving as a commander in Andross's Venom Army who piloted the deadly Interplanetary Warship known as the Attack Carrier, hence the name.


The Attack Carrier's Captain is a green lizard, with yellow eyes and a pointed snout. He wears segmented shoulder pads and a red bandanna with the insignia of Andross printed on the crown.


Like most other lieutenants, the captain is a generally tormenting, patronising bully, evident by how he wanted to "play" and had a "present" for the Star Fox team. Like Granga, the captain was a devoted follower of Andross, and went willingly to his death but not before swearing to the Star Fox team that they would never defeat his emperor. Based on some of his dialogue during the battle, he commands a crew on the Attack Carrier, and most likely isn't the only person manning the ship.

In the games

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He, along with the ape Granga, was one of the most powerful and intelligent of Andross's followers who had been promoted to positions of leadership in Andross's military machine, and were given command of specialized war machines of great power. Andross has dispatched these key lieutenants to seize strategic locations throughout the Lylat system, by leading the invasion of Corneria during the Lylat Wars. The machines they controlled come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and were always accompanied by fleets of support craft.

He was first seen when Falco Lombardi spotted the huge warship flying overhead, and he showed Fox where the Attack Carrier was. The Attack Carrier came from behind them, and the captain saw that someone wanted to "play." He taunted the team, not realizing who they were, as he battled them. Star Fox ultimately beat him, as he demanded who they were (which they revealed to him: "We're Star Fox!"), then he screamed they would never defeat Andross, before he was killed in the explosion of his ship as it crashed into the ocean below.


The Attack Carrier repeated its role in "Zero", where the same captain was behind the controls of the warship again, this time Fox finds the Attack Carrier protecting Sector Ω and informs him that the way he came doesn't lead to Venom but his own annihilation. This time the Attack Carrier is fought in All-Range Mode instead of Corridor Mode. While the missile pods and launch bay do not remain open as long as they used to, the metal beams connecting them to the ship are vulnerable at all times and can be attacked regardless of the hatches' status.

After the pods and launch bay are destroyed, the bottom half of the Attack Carrier opens up to reveal a set of four laser cannons, which emit dangerous beams in a plus shape centered on the ship. The Carrier then spins around as it activates the lasers in an attempt to shoot Fox down, then closes up as it repositions for another attack. These laser cannons also serve as the Attack Carrier's weak points while it opens up, but they are only vulnerable before and after they fire. As the Carrier loses cannons, it spins faster and does so during the charging sequence to interfere with Fox's aim. Only when all four of the cannons are destroyed is the Attack Carrier truly defeated. When defeated, the Attack Carrier captain and Fox's exchange was similar to that of the Meteo Crusher pilot in "Star Fox 64".

In the comics

The lizards behind the Attack Carrier in the Nintendo Power Comics.

Before the commanding pilot behind the controls of the Attack Carrier was revealed in the N64 game, the Attack Carrier was depicted in the Nintendo Power comics, also being operated by not one but two lizard pilots in Andross's Imperial forces, who spoke with a characteristic reptilian hiss unlike the Androssian lieutenant who spoke in more traditional manners. In "Act.3: The thrill is gone", the seemingly garbage looking Battle Attack Carrier deceived Fox and Fara with its inelegant design, when it launches an ion missile and downs Fara's Arwing in one hit. Once Fox manages to catch Fara's ejected pod, the Attack Carrier moves back into battle position and is joined by reinforcement craft, but the Carrier is unable to repel blaster firepower from Fox's Arwing, losing one of its launching bays, before finally exploding to smithereens when Fox fires a devastating Nova Bomb into the other launch bay, obliterating the Attack Carrier and likely incinerating the lizards onboard.