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The Attack Carrier is a Venomian battleship that serves as the true source of enemy reinforcements during the invasion of Corneria in the original "Star Fox" and the boss of the Hard Route of Corneria in "Star Fox 64", and it returns in "Zero" much later in the game as the boss of the Mission at Sector Ω. The Attack Carrier is one of few bosses to directly appear in several titles. The Attack Carrier was also depicted in the Nintendo Power Comic series as well as the Mission File Printout Japanese Strategy Guide for the 1993 game.


The Attack Carrier was a large, polygonal warship assembled in the Macbeth Weapons Facility prior to the Lylat Wars. It was commandeered by a crew aboard the small bridge perched on the top of the ship. Underneath the bridge was a powerful laser cannon used for anti-aircraft purposes. An engine apparatus was installed on the back of the main ship to help it keep airborne. Two large missile pods were connected to its left side and a launch bay pack-loaded with Granga Fighters on the right. Each of the attached pods had built-in exhaust ports on the back. It was painted in certain spots with a rusty red and was illuminated here and there by green status lights.

In Star Fox Zero, the Attack Carrier can transform into a weapons platform of sorts, revealing four powerful laser cannons inside.


The Attack Carrier was one of the most powerful specialised war machines of great power, assembled in Macbeth's weapons labs, and promoted into a position of leadership in Andross's military machine. Andross dispatched this key lieutenant mothership to seize Corneria, the primary strategic location in the Lylat system, along with Granga in his walker and both were always accompanied by fleets of support craft.

When Fox McCloud managed to save Falco Lombardi from three Granga Fighters, and moving swiftly through all the arches in the waters behind Corneria City, Falco spotted the Attack Carrier flying beyond a waterfall, and he chased after it. He alerted Fox and the rest of the team of his discovery, and the team flew through the waterfall and, after they flew over a mine field, they came to an open ocean. Shortly after arriving at the ocean, the Attack Carrier Captain, a Venomian lizard, patched into their transmissions and told them he saw someone, meaning Star Fox, wanted to "play" with him. The massive starship then surprised the team by trying to ram them from behind, forcing them to drop their altitude. Quickly working together, they battled with the Venomian war machine, destroying its launch bay and missile pods. Fox then blasted away at the carrier itself, and eventually, the ship couldn't take it and burst into flames, spiraling out of control. The captain, shocked at having been defeated, demanded to know their identities, to which Fox revealed to him that they were Star Fox. The captain roared to them that despite winning this battle, they'd never defeat Andross. The ship plummeted into the ocean and exploded.


Nintendo Power Comics

The Attack Carrier lizard crew.

Under the name Battle Attack Carrier, the warship makes an appearance in the third act of the Nintendo Power Star Fox comics, portraying an identical role to its game selves, also controlled by a duo of imperial lizard pilots and predating the appearance of the captain inside the N64 Attack Carrier. In "Act.3: The thrill is gone", after Fox and Fara unwittingly enter airspace occupied by Andross's imperial armies, they are overly confident in the superiority of the SFX Arwing capabilities over the Imperial ships and blast the ambushing attackers with ease. This turned out to be a trap, as the seemingly garbage looking Battle Attack Carrier deceived them with its inelegant design, when it launches an ion missile and downs Fara's Arwing in one hit. Once Fox manages to catch Fara's ejected pod, the Attack Carrier moves back into battle position and is joined by reinforcement craft, but the Carrier is unable to repel blaster firepower from Fox's Arwing, losing one of its launching bays, before finally exploding to smithereens when Fox fires a devastating Nova Bomb into the other launch bay.

Mission File Printout

In the "Star Fox: Mission File Printout" Japanese guidebook for the 1993 game, a backstory illustrated by Benimaru Itoh features the Attack Carrier invading Cornerian airspace, pushing the Defense Forces to their limit, accompanied by support craft.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese Original:
(アタックキャリア Attack Carrier)
(宇宙空母 Spacecraft Carrier)
64 3D / Zero:
(アタック・キャリア Attack Carrier)
(惑星間戦闘空母 Interplanetary Battle Aircraft Carrier)