The Atomic Ray is an Anglar weapon used on the planet Aquas during the Anglar Blitz.

In Star Fox Command

The Atomic Ray was a large, artificial stingray created by the Anglar and used as a weapon on the planet Aquas. The tough armor of the body could deflect laser blasts, but the tail was vulnerable to laser fire. Each segment of the tail could also be locked onto, so a Single Lock would have difficulties locking onto a single segment more than once, but a Multi Lock could be used to lock onto multiple segments. Damage to any of the tail segments would deplete the health bar of the Atomic Ray as a whole, making the use of a Multi Lock much more desirable. The Atomic Ray can defend itself by firing missiles, which can be destroyed to obtain Fuel Cells. The Atomic Ray could also perform loops in an attempt to avoid taking hits. When destroyed, the Atomic Ray released a Core. On the planet Titania, another version called the Atomic Ray-G could be found.

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