The Atomic Base was a recurring boss in the game Star Fox, appearing in the Space Armada and Sector Z stages on the first and third level paths, respectively.

In the Game

Unlike most bosses (exempting Andross), the Atomic Base doesn't actually appear immediately upon the beginning of the boss battle. Instead, the player has to enter a Space Station (either a wheel-like space station or simply a large base area), and travel through a huge path (eventually undergoing a winding path automatically) before actually arriving at the boss.

There are two versions - the first Atomic Base within the Space Armada, and Atomic Base II within the main ship of Sector Z. The Atomic Base acts as the core for each facility, and the means to defeat it are to destroy the energy pilons that control it (or, in the case of Atomic Base II, shoot them to merely turn them off, with the pylons eventually being reactivated). The core is exposed when all pilons are disabled, allowing for the player to specifically target the core. Upon destroying the core, a cutscene will play where Fox will u-turn and escapes the doomed base, while the Atomic Base seals itself up.


  • The Atomic Base may have been reused as the Bolse core in the Bolse level of Star Fox 64 and its remake, as both times the player has to take down energy pylons in order to access the core and destroy it to beat the level.
  • The first Atomic Base is erroneously called the "Atomic Core" in the English manual.
  • There are similar versions of the Atomic Base in Star Fox 2 and Star Fox Zero. The rooms are also similar to that in the two games as well.

Names in Other Languages

Japan (アトミックベース Atomic Base)
(最大指揮艦 Supreme Command Ship)
(アトミックベースII Atomic Base II)
(拠点増設機関 Base Expansion Engine)


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