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The Arwing II is an upgraded Arwing used by Fox McCloud in Star Fox Command. It resembles the Arwing from Star Fox 64. It is equipped with Single Lock, a Single Laser, two Smart Bombs and a time bonus of 2 seconds canon at the beginning, but some choices of mission will see it being fit with Plasma Cannons, Twin Lasers, or a Multi-Lock. Fox is skeptical about these upgrades at first, and never seems to show his final opinion on them. The Arwing II is the sole choice of playable ship during the games's Versus Mode with the G-Diffusers highlighed in a different colour to tell players apart.

In the game

Arwing II stats
Laser: Single
Lock: Single
Smart Bombs: ● ●
Shields: ● ● ● ● ● ●
Boost: ● ● ● ●
Time Bonus: ● ●

Website bio description

Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud is the leader of the Star Fox squadron and his Arwing II is the sword point in the Anglar war. The Arwing II can be upgraded with twin lasers.
—Star Fox Command Website bio (Fox)
Arwing II
Laser Single
Lock Single
Bomb 2
Shield 4/5
Boost 4
Time Bonus 2


Below are all missions that utilise the Arwing II:

  • Aquas: Beneath the Waves
  • Aquas: Octoman's Ruse
  • Asteroid Belt: Missile Attack!
  • Asteroid Belt: The Anglar Emperor
  • Asteroid Belt: The Meteorite Trap
  • Corneria: Decision Time
  • Corneria: General Peppy
  • Corneria: Reunion with Slippy
  • Corneria: The Adventure Begins!
  • Fichina: Fog of War
  • Fichina: Former Rivals
  • Fichina: Oikonny Strikes Back!
  • Katina: Krystal
  • Sector Y: The Curse of Pigma
  • Sector Z: We Meet Again
  • Solar: The Red-Hot Planet
  • Solar: The Ultimate Weapon
  • Titania: Andross's Legacy
  • Titania: Dash
  • Titania: The Worm
  • Titania: Wolf's Plot
  • Venom: Dash Makes a Choice
  • Venom: Fox and Krystal
  • Venom: Good-bye, Fox
  • Training



  • The Arwing II can gain upgrades during the story mode, but they do not apply to the misson replay mode.
  • The Arwing II bears similar traits as Fox from the Star Fox: Assault multiplayer, being just average.
  • The Arwing II is actually inferior to the original Arwing as shown by Peppy's Arwing and James's Arwing. Their individual stats are either higher or on par to that of the Arwing. If one saw the stats, the Arwing II only has single lasers (upgradable).

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (アーウィンII, Āwin Tsū)