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I have never seen such a massive enemy.
ROB 64

The Arrow Head is the war machine used by the Anglar Emperor in Star Fox Command.


It is an enormous snake-like machine that is made up of several segments.


Star Fox battles against the Arrow Head during the mission at Meteo, and in other endings, the team fight him at the end of any of the Venom missions (except for the mission in which Star Wolf attacks the Venom base).

Battle Tactics

During combat, the Arrow Head spends most of its time flying around, and its several segments must be attacked and destroyed. When the segments are destroyed, they fly off and begin to fire Ring Lasers at players (aside from the tail, which stays on, but still fires). During certain situations, the Arrow Head will attack by repeatedly swinging its tail at the player, or splitting into several segments and firing Ring Lasers at the player. When all segments of the Arrow Head have been destroyed, the 'head' will face the player, and eight of the segments will surround the head. The segments will regularly fly at the player, and must be shot back. The Arrow Head is destroyed when the 'head' has taken enough damage. During this phase, the Arrow Head will stay in front of the player, even if the player performs a loop or U-turn. In the Meteo mission, the Anglar Emperor dies when the Arrow Head is destroyed, since he cannot survive in the vacuum of space, but in the Venom mission, the emperor survives, and must be fought directly.  


  • The Arrow Head greatly resembles the Mirage Dragon from Star Fox 2.
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