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Fire! Fire! Don't let them through!
—Area 6 commander

The Area 6 commander, as his name implies, was in charge of Area 6, the designated defense sector in planet Venom's orbit. He only appeared in Star Fox 64 and its 3DS remake.


As one of the most powerful and intelligent of Andross's followers who had been promoted to positions of leadership in Andross's military machine, the commander was given command of the Venom Air Defence Zone and a specialized war machine of great power. Andross had dispatched this key lieutenant to protect a strategic location throughout the Lylat system by using approximately three fleets consisting of thirty-one Umbra-class Defense Stations, seven Harlock-class Frigates, twelve Zeram-class Cruisers, minefields, swarms of fighters, five Ninjin Missiles, and the Gorgon battle station.

Lylat Wars

The commander was occasionally shown shouting orders during the Area 6 stage. Because Star Fox were a small quick group backed up by the Great Fox's power laser cannons, Caiman was not able to prevent their flight path until the commander ordered the the deployment of the Gorgon space station. It is possible he may have been the pilot of the Ultimate Space Weapon, Gorgon. However, his choice of words before the boss battle ("Dang! DEPLOY IT NOW!") suggests that he may not have piloted it himself, but remotely controlled it.


Like Caiman, it's unknown what his fate is. If he piloted the Gorgon, he was probably killed. If he didn't, then he likely escaped the conflict. He may have become part of Andrew Oikonny's rebellion years later.


Like several other Venomians, the Area 6 commander appeared to be a Lizard. He wore a red uniform with white collared stripes and a red helmet with yellow horns and the insignia of Andross on the front, although it might also stand for "Area 6".


  • The Area 6 commander appeared in Sector β in Star Fox Zero, where he was the commanding officer of the enemy fleet's flagship, the dreadnought tactical destroyer Granby. After withstanding General Pepper's flagship's attack due to the Granby's shield, the commander taunted Pepper with, if that was the best they could muster, his enjoying his attack before firing on them. However, upon discovering Fox penetrating the shield, he, after expressing shock that Fox did so, ordered them to shoot him down immediately. He is last seen screaming after General Pepper's flagship's attack managed to pulverize the Granby due to Fox disabling the ship's shield generator.


Game Voice actor
Star Fox 64/3D Ja Green