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Area 6's role as seen in the games.

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SF64 Area6 Intro

Area 6's Intro.

Mission No 6. Area 6: Defense Station; Through the Middle

Vehicle: Arwing

Type: Corridor Mode

In Star Fox 64 and the 3DS rerelease, Area 6 is approachable from Sector Z or Macbeth if the previous missions have been met with "Mission Accomplished", if not then the route will proceed to Bolse instead. The route going through Area 6 is arguably tougher than the one going past Bolse defence station, but it will take you directly to the entrance of Andross's lair, avoiding a lot of the planet side defences.


  • Falco will be chased by Vipers just after the Space Mines
  • Peppy will be tailed by heat seeking missiles after the Ninjin Missiles
  • Slippy is tailed by a Butterfly after ROB gives cover fire a second time


Boss: Gorgon

Official Site Data

Mission Briefing 

Area 6 is the Cornerian Defense Force's military designation for the most heavily defended sector of space around the planet Venom. It is actually the most effective attack point to strike at Andross's palace, which would explain the heavy defenses. Cornerian forces simply do not have the strength to punch through these defenses, but a small, quick team like Star Fox might have a chance. If you can make it through the defensive cordon here, you'll have a straight attack run on Andross himself!

Intelligence - Good luck!

—Star Fox

Medal Tips

Medal Score: 300 hits

Checkpoint Goal: 150 hits

You may not have many bombs by time you reach this stage, but these high explosives will come in handy to destroy missiles and the ships that link up into one. You can destroy the big cruisers by shooting them in the bridge, but it takes a lot of shots. Be sure to clear their decks of guns before you go after the bridge. Good luck getting this medal; it is one of the toughest in the game!
—Star Fox

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  • To get to Venom, play through the level normally.
Score needed for medal

300 HITS

Score Attack

Level Bronze Silver Gold
Area 6 180 300 400

References in other games

  • Two remixed versions of the Area 6 music appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • After the activation of a certain cheat, this music can also be heard from the jukebox in the main menu of Star Fox Adventures. It was the original final boss theme, before it was changed to a remix of Andross's theme.
  • Area 6 has a small resemblance with the Space Armada in the original Star Fox game, although its location more closely resembles the orbital stages of Venom from the original.
  • In Star Fox Command, a version of the Area 6 theme plays when Fox battles an Anglar Mothership.


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