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Aquas's role in the games.

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Aquas's Intro.

Mission No 3. Aquas Ocean; Terror of the Deep

Vehicle: Blue-Marine

Type: Corridor Mode

In Star Fox 64 and it's 3DS rerelease, Aquas is only reached from Sector Y after getting over 100 hit points. The Blue-Marine is used for the first and only time in its history to search for and destroy Bacoon and the other hostile sea lifeforms. The route from the planet is fixed and will go straight towards Zoness. Zoness cannot be reached from Katina or Fichina, so traveling to Aquas is necessary to reach Zoness.


Boss: Bacoon

Official Site Data

Mission Briefing

Andross is using bio-engineering techniques to mutate the sea creatures of Aquas into deadly weapons. However, because of the rapidly spreading pollution in the planet's ocean, Cornerian Intelligence has been unable to determine exactly what is happening on the planet. Slippy's Blue-Marine experimental battle submersible is the only craft that can descend to the depths and discover what Andross is up to on Aquas.

Intelligence - Fire Light Bomb Torpedoes to light your way through the murky depths of Aquas.

—Star Fox

Medal Tips

Medal Score: 150 hits

Checkpoint Goal: 65 hits

Shoot, fire torpedoes and barrel roll simultaneously for best results in the seas of Aquas. To make sure you destroy as many enemies as possible, use the brake to hold back and get them all! The underwater canyon just before the final lieutenant is a particularly target rich environment full of shrimp mutants and starfish. Be sure to destroy the huge barnacles on top of Bacoon's shell as these are worth 12 hit points.
—Star Fox

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Aquas in Star Fox Command.

Aquas returns in Star Fox Command, where it comes under attack from the Anglar Empire. Starfighters are now able to operate within the Aquas Ocean, in place of the Blue-Marine. After arriving on Aquas, Star Fox receive a message from Amanda, who is worried because she has run off to help and Slippy hasn't shown up yet. Fox and the team agree to find him, and to destroy the Anglar forces there. Eventually, Amanda decides she can't wait anymore, and joins in. After the Anglars were eliminated, Octoman appears and tells them that he has brainwashed Slippy. Fox attacks Octoman, who is in the Octopod, and defeats him to free Slippy. Following Ending 1, Star Fox travel to Aquas where Amanda decides to join up with the team so she can fly beside her fiancée, Slippy. For some unexplained reason, in the Slippy's Resolve ending, Slippy Toad seemed to be living on an island with his kids and grandchildren, even though supplemental Star Fox 64 material implied that there were no islands on Aquas after Bacoon shattered the polar ice caps and flooded the entire planet.

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Star Fox 64 3D site

  • To get to Zoness, play through the level normally.
Score needed for medal
150 HITS