General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 84
Fox, we have received reports that Andross is using bioengineering techniques to mutate the sea creatures of Aquas into deadly bioweapons. However, because of the rapidly spreading pollution in the planet's ocean, we have been unable to determinate exactly what is going on there. We need you to have a plunge and get to the bottom of Andross's schemes on Aquas. I understand that Slippy has designed an experimental battle submersible, the Blue-Marine, that can do the job. You're our only chance on this one, Fox!
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Aquas is one of two oceanic worlds of the Lylat System, sharing its characteristics with Zoness. Unlike Zoness, Aquas is mostly completely covered by ocean. The site of an ancient civilization, the planet became an unexpected battlefield during the Lylat Wars.


Planetary Compendium
The entire surface of Aquas is covered with water. Normally the ocean teems with life but the predations of Andross's forces have done severe damage to the planet's ecosystem. Undersea ruins similar to those found on Titania indicate that Aquas was once inhabited by intelligent beings.
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Almost the entire surface of Aquas is covered with water, and abounds with a diverse range of aquatic life. Though generally harmless, some of Aquas' aquatic lifeforms can be extremely deadly, even to modern submersible vehicles. Ruins similar to those found on Titania point towards an ancient civilization that no longer exists, tangibly similar to the Anglars. The Ancient Civilization had originally ruled above the waves, where it built temples as well as harvesting aquatic life on Aquas. However, a monster underneath the waves, Bacoon, became jealous of the civilization's prosperity, and when it grew more powerful, it eventually learned to control the aquatic lifeforms. Bacoon then used this new found ability to command thousands of explosive starfish to migrate to the polar ice caps and explode, melting the polar caps and flooding the entire planet, thus ending the civilization.


Lylat Datalink; Mysteries in the Deep pg 86
The ancient civilisation of Aquas once stood above the waves on a series of islands admits the global ocean. There, people built great temples and made a living by harvesting sea life from the surrounding waters. But long ago, a monstrous entity known as Bacoon grew in the depths of the ocean, and it was jealous of the glorious civilisation on the land. Over many years, Bacoon grew powerful. It learned how to control the other aquatic lifeforms, like the explosive Starfish. When Bacoon commanded thousands of the Starfish to migrate to the ice cap and explode, the resulting heat melted the polar ice cap and all the islands were covered by the sea forever.
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Lylat Wars

During Andross's conquest of the Lylat System, the Cornerian Intelligence received information that Venomian forces were polluting the Aquas oceans to convert the wildlife into mind controlled bioweapons. General Pepper ordered the Star Fox team to take out the leading bioweapon Bacoon, hiding on the other side of a deep trench, beyond the ruins of a lost civilisation in the depths of the ocean. Since the Cornerian Military had no way of knowing what exactly was going on, Fox resorted to using the Blue-Marine, Slippy's new and unpredictable experimental attack submarine, to solve the mystery. Thanks to the unlimited supply of light bomb torpedoes, Fox was successful in steering the Blue-Marine through the darkness of the polluted ocean, eventually found Bacoon, and destroyed it.

Anglar Blitz

Many years after it was previously invaded by Venomian assault, Aquas was once more attacked and overrun, this time by the Anglar Empire, who were an amphibious, bio-engineered race from Venom's polluted sea, under guidance from the bounty hunters Zako and Octoman.

In the Comic

Aquas is visited in the Lylat Wars Comic, where General Pepper sends the Star Fox Team to investigate after reporting that pollution from Andross's forces have mutated the local sea creatures in dangerous monsters. Using the prototype Blue-Marine submarine, Fox searches the depths with the Light Bomb Torpedoes and battles Bacoon with an aggressive Octopus clinging onto its hull. Bacoon is destroyed in its beat cycle as the pestering creature latches onto the Blue-Marine until it docks back at the Great Fox's hangar. Falco is very interested in cooking the Octopus but Fox is acceptable towards its mutation and allows it to go free. The Octopus was actually an infiltration craft piloted by Pigma, who stowed away on Great Fox so he could sabotage the Arwing's G-Diffusers with time bombs.


  • Possibly the island where Slippy lives at the "Slippy's Resolve" ending of "Star Fox Command" has arisen due to the movement of tectonic plates of the planet or the eruption of an underwater volcano. As only 97% of Aquas is entirely covered by water, there is reason to speculate that there are limited islands. It was also stated that should Bacoon be destroyed, the pollution the bioweapon caused would clear itself, which did come to pass as of "Command".


  • when approaching Bacoon, Peppy will say "I've got a BAD feeling about this, Fox." this is a reference to the recurring line in Star Wars.

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