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There's no WAY you can beat us in the water. It's payback time!

Aquarosa is a weaponized floating fortress appearing in Star Fox Zero, piloted by Caiman and accompanied by fleets of support craft.


In parallel to the Androsa, the Aquarosa's name is an obvious reference to being an aquatic capable warship. The gargantuan fortress resembles the Umbra-class Defense Station, sporting a blue/yellow/green color scheme, identical to Caiman's color. It has nine funnel-like laser cannons that serve as it's weak points, along with several smaller turrets and a potent electromagnetic shield that deals heavy damage and sends the Arwing careening out of control on contact.

In the game

Aquarosa appears on Corneria's hidden path after protecting the Cornerian ship on the coastline from tailing enemies. A portal similar to the one from the space colony then opens and Fox flies into after ROB detects the presence of Androssians on the other side.

ROB is unable to pinpoint Fox's location due to lingering effects from the space-time warp. The Aquarosa then emerges from the sea, Caiman starts declaring a fight after boasting that Fox can't beat him in the water.

Phase 1: Defeat the Floating Fortress (time limit: five minutes)

At first the Aquarosa shrouds itself in an electromagnetic shield momentarily, which expands to a considerable distance around the Aquarosa before fading away. After the shield is turned off, the turrets are open to attack, but after a short time the shield will reactivate (with a visible release of electricity from the center tower acting as a warning signal), requiring evasion and motion control aiming to eliminate the turrets while being ready to boost away from the fortress at any time to avoid taking damage from the shield. The Aquarosa is accompanied by Bandits, Grangas and Vipers which are mere distractions, but can cause delay within the time limit and chip away at Fox's health. After the destruction of three of the cannons, the fortress will rise up and expose the three cannons in the water. At this point, the shield will be switched on and off even more frequently and will expand at a faster rate, making it nearly suicidal to attack the turrets head-on.

After the six turrets on the ship's top and three turrets submerged in the sea are then destroyed, the ship overloads and sends a chain reaction through the fortress and destroys the Aquarosa. Caiman is overwhelmed that Fox has beaten him "again" and won't be able to live it down. Fox, adding insult to injury, proceeds to reply that Caiman "got that right" regarding the last bit just as the Aquarosa blows up.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (シーレシア Sealesia)
(超巨大海上移動基地 Supergiant Marine Mobile Base)
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