Aparoid hatchers. This must be how they multiply. If we can destroy those hatchers, we might just have a chance.
Peppy Hare

Aparoid hatchers (often simply hatcher) is an Aparoid unit that spawns more Aparoids. These are a form of reproduction and reinforcements in the Aparoid race, next to the Aparoid Queen.


The hatchers are hexagonal caskets, each one surrounded by a honeycombed energy field. They can spawn normal Aparoid Crawlers, Aparoid Minitanks or Aparoid Rollers. If Fox McCloud touches one, he will take a little damage. A single charged Blaster shot or Sniper Rifle fire will utterly vapourise them. The hatchers present on the Aparoid Homeworld are protected by three individual shield generator towers, which will stop attacks from harming the hatchers unless the energy spires are all downed first.


During the Aparoid Invasion, hatchers were vital to maintaining Aparoid control over targeted areas, because they could easily spawn a number of Aparoids in a short amount of time. Destruction of the hatchers was carried out by the Star Fox team in various missions; as a result, the Aparoids would retreat from situations where they didn't have hatchers to negate combat loses.

The hatchers are present in the invasions of Katina and the Aparoid homeworld, while playing a crucial role in the attacks on Sauria. They are also the source of the Might Gauge in that same mission.

With the death of the queen, these units perished, along with the rest of their kind.

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