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Aparoid Targeting Lasers are powerful Aparoid stationary laser turrets that severely damage enemy spacecraft by locking onto them, and firing a devastating laser spitfire. They only appear in the two Wing riding runs in the main game of "Assault".


Aparoid Targeting Lasers appear specifically in the Wing Riding sections of the Missions on Fichina and Corneria. The Targeting Lasers are easily noticeable by their spiralling orange energy waves and their activation will be prompted with a warning sign reading and scripted shout out from the pilot of the vehicle Fox accompanies, that the artilleries are locking onto the vehicle and charging their weapon. Since the powerful Plasma Cannon is the only weapon Fox can use in the Wing Riding section, there should be no issue in eliminating the Targeting Lasers. The attacks from the Targeting Lasers are devastating which gives Fox all the more reason to find and shoot them down before they can attack.

In the game

Mission 4: Fichina

Around the Climate control center, there are many Aparoid Targeting Lasers that will require attention before they have an opportunity to slice Falco's Arwing. Falco will give warning of attacking lasers and warning signs will give time to find and take them out.

Mission 7: Corneria

Around Corneria City, Targeting Lasers will again lock onto Wolf's Wolfen and charge their weapon for an attack. When a Targeting Laser locks onto the Wolfen, Wolf will also warn Fox to quickly find them and deal with them first.


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