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Aparoid Stingers are uncommon enemies in Star Fox: Assault.


The ship is even more manuverable than the Aparoid Razor. It looks reminiscent of a jellyfish with a long stinger, and that is why it is named an Aparoid Stinger. It is armed only with an omni-dircetional heavy plasma cannon, which has a yellow-green tint to it. If one spots you, it will often incessantly follow you till you kill it.


The Stinger is first encoutered in Meteo, in two groups of four, as well as two more before you actually enter the base. One of these has an S Flag in it.

Beltino Orbital Gate

Aparoid Stingers escort the first wave of class-one missiles during The Battle of the Orbitial Gate as well as the giant, multi-stage, class-three missile.

Aparoid Homeworld

Aproid Stingers are part of the air forces that harass you while you take out the Aparoid Hatcher

Homeworld Core

Three Stingers are present in the homworld core, the first by itself, and the other two later.

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