Looks like the Landmaster's the only thing that hurts it.
Peppy Hare, if Fox tries to shoot the Aparoid ship outside the Landmaster

The Aparoid Ship was an exceptionally powerful Aparoid at the Katina Outpost (thought to be the "leader" by Fox). It serves as the boss during the Star Fox team's second mission.


It is a quadrupedal, gargantuan U.F.O.-shaped mothership and is armed with various firepower ranging from lasers to homing fireballs.

In the game

It has a weak point on its upper side and attacking it may result in its destruction. There's another not-weak point under it and attacking it will make the ship faint for a while, that way Fox can reach the upper side to attack its weak point by hovering up with the Landmaster.


The Aparoid Ship made its entrance on the Katina Outpost after every Aparoid Hatcher had been destroyed. It was impervious to all attacks, save for Star Fox's new and improved Landmaster tank. Although it was destroyed, it left behind a complete and undamaged Core Memory, which the telepathic Krystal was able to sense beforehand. Making his move to claim the Core Memory, Fox McCloud noticed that the distress signal they were sent to investigate had stopped transmitting. Without warning, the SOS signal was revealed to be planted by the Star Fox team's traitor, Pigma Dengar, who used a built-in tractor beam on his ship to claim the Core like a prize to sell for a high price. But what Pigma stole from the fallen Aparoid ship only ensured his own doom later on, when he himself was assimilated into an Aparoid later on.


  • This Aparoid has a similar appearance to the enemies in Code Lyoko called "Krabs". However, Krabs are red, and are slightly smaller, while this boss is very large and purple.
  • It also has a strong similarity to Mother Strider.
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