An Aparoid Roller is a minor enemy unit rank of Aparoid footsoldier. These enemies are more of a small nuisance than a serious threat, even to beginner players. They resemble the much larger Spherical Tank Aparoids in shape and method of combat, exposing their weakpoints as they make their move on attacking Fox McCloud


Hence their name, Aparoid Rollers are ball shaped Aparoids, which roll around as their method of travel, seeking out opponents to pounce on with sharp, retractable claws on the inside. They boast a tough enough armour to repel a single shot from the standard Blaster, therefore charged shots or more rapid firepower will make short work of them, especially if they are shot when their inner core has contracted. These offensive and defensive tributes are somewhat similar to the Aparoid infected Sentry Bots on Fichina

These Aparoids travel in groups of two to three, in amongst Aparoid Crawlers.


Aparoid Rollers were sighted during the Aparoid Invasion when Team Star Fox foiled the attacks on planet Sauria and appeared again in defence of the Aparoid Homeworld. These missions both concerned the disposal of Aparoid Hatchers.


  • Aparoid  Rollers seem to be found mainly in sheltered dwellings, such as the caved tunnels on Sauria and within the buildings on the Aparoid Homeworld.
  • If one connects the edges on the shell's patterns, it will create a honeycomb, which is the common decoration of the Aparoid race.
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