The Aparoid Queen serves as both the main antagonist and the final boss of Star Fox: Assault.


Phase 1

  1. The Queen's first form is fought in All-Range Mode. In her first form, the Queen will release amber globes that levitate through the room. If the globes are shot, they will divide up into smaller ones until they too have been totally shot down. If the globes are left to wander, they will eventually hatch into a single yellow Aparoid larva - its size depends on how big its globe was when it emerges from incubation. Colliding with the larva will cause damage, but when the larva is yellow, it won't seek the Arwing out but will simply float along. Destroying the larvae in that state will prevent it from transforming. In time however, a yellow larva will change into a blue Aparoid that will home in on the Arwing and explode. The blue Aparoids are hard to avoid, requiring evasive maneuvers and rolling to avoid the blast radius.
  2. The queen herself is often covered in silvery scales that conceal her one weak spot - a red gemlike surface. Hitting the brakes and alining into a firing position can be useful to chip away the armor and hit the weak point. Once the Queen's shell has been cracked open, she will prepare her devastating attack (similar to the Meteo Crusher) by spreading her arms wide open. While charging her energy, this will give the Arwing time to flee from the firing range, or else it will be caught in a devastating maelstrom of energy that will likely result in losing a life.
  3. Having a supply of 1-Ups will prevent a Game Over but losing a ship will result in starting the Mission from entering the Queen's chamber and losing any Laser power-ups. Lingering for time will eventually trigger Arwing Laser Upgrades and Silver Rings which will be helpful in the final stages.

Phase 2

  1. The second form onward is fought in Corridor Mode. In the second phase, the Aparoid Queen will transmutate into a metamorphosed form to flee for her life, with four distinctive red eyes. In order to strike at the Queen's real head, (her new weak point) the four red spheres must be sprayed with laser fire until each one has closed off, which should be done quickly or else the eyes will respawn if all four haven't been closed in succession.
  2. Once the four eyes have been closed, the Queen's dragon-like head will lash out and cause damage if collision is achieved, while throwing rings of destructive energy. The head serves as the weak point yet again, requiring successful shots to weaken the Queen until the head withdraws and the four exterior eyes are reopened, repeating the eye-opening process.
  3. Although the sequence can be done with quick gaming, the three teammates, (Falco, Krystal and Slippy) may take turns to fly near the queen and blast the weak points. The Arwings will be vulnerable to floating mines that the Queen will unleash on them and requires Fox to give them cover fire or else thy will retreat.

Phase 3

  1. In the third phase, the Queen is reduced to a strange insectoid creature which whizzes around the screen and wreaks vengeance with two powerful attacks.
  2. Locking onto the Queen and firing any leftover Smart Bombs will reduce her health as quickly as possible.
  3. Her last resort is speeding around the tunnel at rapid speeds and two powerful monster breaths, one being the tunnel of energy that must be flown inside to avoid damage and a central beam that should be avoided by barrel rolling and evasive flight.

Super Smash Bros. series

The Aparoid Queen appears in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a trophy. The trophy is modeled on her boss battle's final phases.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription Trophy Box
Aparoid QueenSeries Related
The final boss of Star Fox: Assault. Aparoids are a race of alien life-forms with metallic and mechanical features, and the queen is the core that commands them all. In order to bring the universe and everything in it under control, she sends countless insectoid servants to invade the Lylat system.
NA release
The final boss of Star Fox: Assault. Aparoids are a race of alien life forms with metallic and mechanical features, and the Queen is the core that controls them all. In order to bring the universe and everything in it under her control, she sends countless insectoid servants to invade the Lylat system Fox calls home.
PAL release
  • GameCube: Star Fox: Assault (02/2005)
36. Star Fox: Assault


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