All for us... all things in the universe... will be ours... [...] All for us... everything in this universe... exists for us... Bow before us! SUBMIT TO US!!!!
—Aparoid Queen

The Aparoid Queen is the hive mother of the entire Aparoid race, primarily made up of the immense assault force. It serves as both the main antagonist and the final boss of Star Fox: Assault. The Aparoid Queen was killed by the anti-Aparoid bomb created by Beltino Toad and the Cornerian federation scientists after being weakened by the Star Fox Team.

Physical Apperance and Characteristics

The Queen herself is a titan Aparoid, the largest type ever known, possessing a physical structure reminiscent of ant or bee queens, dwelling within the center caves and tunnels of the homeworld, protected by a powerful shield. An undeniably intelligent and powerful being, the Queen controls every single mind slaved to the Aparoids, able to access memories, abilities, even machinery with utmost ease for its own dark uses. Within her honeycombed cavern, the Queen is the "source of all Aparoid will", reproducing swarms of drones to spread out across the Lylat System to assimilate lifeforms and relay information back to her.

As proof of bypassing evolution, the Queen adapts various forms to survive. During the final battle in the tunnels of the Aparoid Homeworld, the queen occasionally "speaks." (In her second form.) However, it does not use a comm-link at any point of the battle. This makes it the only speakable boss to not use a comm-link to speak (although she does briefly use the comm-link immediately prior to the second battle when about to escape).

Based on its statements, the Queen seemed to genuinely believe that it and its race were the ultimate existence, as well as "truth."


The true Aparoid origins are unknown, yet records indicate that the first Aparoid sightings were around seventeen years prior to their invasion, with a single Aparoid destroying an entire Cornerian fleet single handed. Only by studying a complete Core Memory were the Cornerians able to learn of the Queen's existence.

During its battle with the Star Fox team in the core of the Aparoid homeworld, it uses several likenesses from persons it had assimilated, such as Pigma Dengar, General Pepper, Peppy Hare, ROB 64, and even James McCloud, Fox McCloud's father. Thinking quickly, Fox McCloud blasts away its armor shielding and fires the Self-destruct program into her.

SFA Aparoid Queen Death1

The Aparoid Queen's defeat and death.

However, the Queen suppressing the program, briefly resolving by ordering Star Fox to surrender to it, and nearly escapes to create an antibody to the program. However, the team follows the queen, blasting its pink "eyes", then hitting its hidden eye, eventually destroying its outer body and then afterwards confronting its core form. As its outer body was being destroyed, the aparoid queen begged Star Fox to spare her due to the aparoids being "truth," but to no avail, with Fox referring to it as an "evil space hag" when confronting its core form. After severely damaging its core form, its strength was sapped and allowed the program to work, destroying every Aparoid in existence, releasing all the infected parties from its grasp resulting the extinction of the Aparoids and killing the queen in the process. According to Fox after the battle, it apparently desired to control the universe in an attempt to bypass evolution, as it was allegedly not born with a soul.


The Aparoid Queen was voiced by Alésia Glidewell in her only appearance in Star Fox: Assault.


  • It is hinted that it is speaking through Pigma when he says "We are the ultimate existence."
  • The Aparoid Queen imitates those the aparoids assimilated, whether or not they survived. However, James was presumed killed by Andross before the Aparoid invasion, and the Aparoids never even came near him. It is unknown how it was able to imitate him, however, it could have been using the memories of Peppy, Pepper, and Pigma. Slippy Toad even says that: "the queen is using information from the things she's absorbed", supporting this theory.
  • The Aparoid Queen sounds and acts similar to the hostile computer AI GLaDOS from the video game Portal in that both are said to be female, are some form of a computer, and a very powerful force to be reckoned with. However, it should be noted that the Aparoid Queen predates GLaDOS by two years (Star Fox: Assault was released in 2005, while Portal was released in 2007). Coincidentally, the Queen's voice actor, Alesia Glidewell, was the face and model for Portal's protagonist Chell.
  • It may be presumed that the Aparoid Queen is actually the same aparoid that destroyed the Cornerian Fleet seventeen years prior to the game, considering the time gap and its significance to both the plot and the race's survival.
    • This is further supported by the fact that the Queen's first form, when its armor is removed, strongly resembles the Aparoid depicted in the image (which was also the same type as the one fought on Fortuna).

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (アパロイドマザー, aparoidomazā, aparoid mother)