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The Aparoid Missile Launcher is the third known Aparoid Turret.


These turrets glow yellow green and fire powerful torpedoes. They are more powerful, but the torpedoes are interceptable. They also appear to have rudimentary legs.



They first appear near a waterfall on Sauria.

Aparoid Homeworld

One the side opposite to where the Aparoid Mortars are, there is an Aparoid Roller, and several Aparoid Light Assault Tanks, as well as five missile launchers near the edge of this area. They are found inside a few buildings, and they are located on the underside of the base.

Homeworld Core

Missile launchers are located at several areas, many of which are alongside laser firing Aparoid Mortars. One of these, in the area with the rotating blades, has an S-Flag in it.

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