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Seek out the hatchers
Some hatchers are heavily guarded by minitanks, and their rapid fire can whittle down the Landmaster in no time flat. As you approach a group of minitanks, fire while sliding or rolling out of the way of their weapon spray. In a pinch, you can simply roll over them, though you'll suffer a little damage for each one that you crush.
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The Aparoid Minitank is a small armored Aparoid assault vehicle, often spawned by the very hatchers they protect in "Assault"


These Minitanks are reasonably fast, and have little armor. They can be destroyed by most weapons, and it only takes 5-10 well placed shots from the Blaster to destroy one. They have a single, unblinking, green eye, and two laser cannons for weapons. The best way to deal with Minitanks is to drive through them using the Landmaster.



Aparoid Tanks first appear on the Katina Outpost, with a few encountered during the first part, and many more appear when the Aparoid Hatchers arrive.


Aparoid Tanks appear on Fichina next to one of the Shield Generator towers. Alongside them are several Aparoid Dragoons and two Aparoid Rollers.


Aparoid Tanks can be found on Sauria in the rivers, on several platforms, in the forested part of the field, in the caves, and many generated by one of the Aparoid Hatchers.

Aparoid Homeworld

Aparoid Tanks are found in many places, including the area where you can find Krystal, and in most of the buildings. With the death of the queen, these units perished, along with the rest of their kind.