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Aparoid Larvae are Aparoids in their larvae state, after they are formed from amber globes that are propagated by their Aparoid Queen "mother". When the orbs hatch into larvae, the immature aliens will eventually evolve into Blue Aparoids. They appear in the 10th and final Mission of "Assault".


Inside the vile nest of the Aparoid Queen, when the All-Range Mode begins, the gigantic Queen will start spawning amber globes that will levitate aimlessly throughout the arena. If the globes are shot, they will split up into smaller orbs, and will cause damage if they collide with the Arwing, so they should all be sprayed at once.

If the floating globes are left alone, they will soon propagate into the Larvae state yellow Aparoids, varying in size, depending on the size of the globe they came from. Although the freely drifting larvae are harmless, unless collided with, they will soon grow into Blue Aparoids if they are left alone.

The Blue Aparoids however, will adopt kamikaze tactics and will home in on Fox's Ariwng and explode. The Blue Aparoids are very difficult to avoid, so using evasive actions and rolling when the aliens pursue the Arwing will prevent damage.

In the game

Mission 10: Homeworld Core

Inside the lair of the Aparoid Queen, once the first phase of the final battle begins, the Queen will release new brethren to protect herself and cause distractions for Fox.


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