The Aparoid Homeworld is a hollow and mysterious world, far away from the Lylat System and so far only accessed through the Cornerian Federation's Orbital Gate. The planet's name is taken from being known as the homeworld, base, and main breeding site of the Aparoid race until it was destroyed by the demise of the Aparoid Queen after being given Beltino Toad's Self-destruct program by Star Fox Team.


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Upon its arrival, the Great Fox's scanner reveals that the planet's size and mass are disproportionate. One side is "lovely", as Krystal states, while the opposite side is very desolate, suggesting the Aparoids may not have been the first inhabitants of the planet. Sinister overtones lay throughout the level, and it pays homage to Venom. Layered in honeycomb decor and technology, a large city was sighted over the entrance towards the tunnels, either built before or after the Aparoid dominance.


While the planet and its true origins remain unknown, the Aparoid Invasion began seventeen years ago, when a whole Cornerian Fleet was destroyed by a sole Aparoid. The only sign of life is in the base that the Star Fox team invaded. A large series of tunnels fill the inside of the planet, and the only way to its core, the lair of the Aparoid Queen, is through the large tunnels, which were protected by a powerful shield. Several Hatchers were placed on a platform that has to be taken out before the shield can be breached. 

After the warp transmission from the Orbital Gate, a large space battle ensured between the Aparoid air force and the surviving Cornerian Fleet, commanded by Great Fox as the flagship, but at least 20% of the Cornerian fleet were lost to the Aparoids, thus forcing the invasion force to retreat. Using ArwingLandmaster and on-foot exploration, Fox McCloud and Krystal dealt with the Aparoid Hatchers within the buildings, leaving Falco Lombardi and Slippy Toad to patrol the skies. A few times, Fox ended up ambushed by the Aparoids within the buildings, with Slippy and Falco being unable to aid Fox because the various buildings' architecture made it impossible to see what was going on inside, let alone target the Aparoids attacking Fox. More Hatchers underneath were dealt with in the same way. After weakening the shield, the Great Fox delivered the final blow by driving right into it and destroying the base, allowing the Star Fox team to enter the planet at the cost of their mothership.

The planet was destroyed when Fox defeated the Queen, which activated the Self-destruct program, destroying all Aparoids that possessed the cells needed for self-destruction. The ending report also revealed that after the destruction of the Aparoids was confirmed, the invading party had to make sure they search the area for any missing ships and recover them. The Star Fox team were also due to receive a massive monetary reward as part of their immense service to the Cornerian Defense Force.

Other Info

  • The last part is quite similar to the tunnel in Venom, leading into the interior of the planet, where the Aparoid Queen awaits. The tunnel's descending soundtrack resembles the opening of Venom's theme from its prior appearances in the Star Fox series.