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Aparoid Growth is purple Aparoidedation growth that appears when Aparoids have possession of something they intended to assimilate into their culture. A certain growth appears in the 5th Mission of "Assault".


After Falco's second S.O.S point, another Winged Prototype like the one seen during Mission 1: Fortuna appears. On the surface of the base, the Growth is protruding from activity of Aparoidedation, which would also appear all over Pigma's body as he becomes fully assimilated into an Aparoid himself.

In the game

Mission 5: Asteroid Belt

After reaching the space base that Pigma is believed to be constructing, when passing the infected Winged Prototype, the first batch of purple Aparoid Growth is growing over the surface of the base. Blasting the growth several times will uncover the 3rd Special Flag.

After the wave of Aparoid Spinners that hide the 4th Special Flag, just before reaching the sudden left turn into the space base, more purple Aparoid Growth is spawning around the exterior. The 5th Special Flag is hidden inside the purple Growth, but time to blast the purple ooze and grab the flag is short due to the quick left turn.


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