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The Aparoid Flyer is a rather common enemy found in Star Fox: Assault.


The Aparoid Flyer is very simple, having a rear that looks buglike, with three appendages, presumably for steering. The ship is armed only with one laser cannon, though they can get very annoying in large swarms. A single bolt from the Landmaster can kill it, as can a Homing Launcher shell. The Arwing can take care of it in 2-5 hits, depending on laser strength.



During the battle at the Katina Outpost, large numbers of Aparoid Flyers can be found near the outer rim of the base. Your comrades keep them from firing on you, but you can sometimes kill them with the Landmaster.


Aparoid Flyers appear in the asteroid belt Meteo, and they are joined by the Aparoid Razor and the Aparoid Stinger.


Aparoid Flyers comprise some of the air forces that harass your comrades, but are joined by Aparoid Razors and Aparoid Bombers. They are also joined by Aparoid Assault Ships

Beltino Orbital Gate

Hundreds of Aparoid Fighters comprise much of the attack force sent to assail the station, but are assisted by Aparoid Bombers. When the Aparoid Missiles arrive, so do a decent number of Aparoid Stingers.

Aparoid Homeworld

Aparoid Flyers are part of the air forces that swarm the skies when you have to destroy the Aparoid Hatchers in the base.

Homeworld core

Aparoid flyers are present in the core in some locations, but are generally outmatched by the Advanced Aparoid Fighter, found only in the homeworld core. With the death of the queen, these units perished, along with the rest of their kind.